Ideal Future Foundation

is a non-profit organization established to assist today's youth in the pursuit of their dreams and to foster the belief that their ideal futures are attainable. It is our aim to leverage a youth's passion, whether it be for music, art, athletics, or any extra-curricular activity that inspires them, in order to motivate them to excel academically and socially, and to develop the good habits that will maximize their opportunities for success in any endeavors they may decide to pursue in life.


We Pair each youth with a mentor

who has achieved a high level of success in the area of interest specific to their mentee, so that they can work with them on the pursuit of their passion, give them useful advice from their own journeys, and help navigate some of the potential obstacles they may face.

We are very passionate about serving the community and welcome opportunities for our supporters to make contributions in support of our efforts to empower the youth – whether it be monetary or a consignment piece with proceeds going towards IFF efforts.
— Gene Barnes, Founder