Apparel Design

Heart of Gold understands how crucial the design of your apparel is to create a statement and trend. Influenced by your brand and story, we can take the lead on design conception and development, applying it to the design and aesthetics of your very own clothing and accessories. No matter what your style or vision, we can make your brand tangible and allow your supporters to represent your cause and narrative.

Services include:

  • Concept development
  • Fashion trend analysis
  • Design application
  • Manufacturing consultation
  • For general inquiries or to book a consultation, please email


    Interior Design

    Heart of Gold wants to point you in the direction of the right colors, textiles, and finishes to tie your interior space together, create a specific mood, and serve as characters in the story of your space, as we’ve done with ours! We offer guidance about materials, flooring, hardware, paint options, furnishing & décor, architectural elements, and overall partial or full remodeling. We can also happily advise on lighting design and artwork.

    Whether it’s your brick & mortar store, work studio, office, creative space, or you name it - our thoughtful aesthetics and staging can reflect your vision and bring it to life.

    Services include:

  • Interior design
  • Decorating
  • Space planning
  • Furniture procurement
  • Artwork consultation
  • Remodeling services
  • For general inquiries or to book a consultation, please email


    Lifestyle Design

    Heart of Gold believes in the importance of a positive lifestyle and having a community of support around that. We seek to inspire, guide, and motivate our clients to live up to their highest potential in a healthy fashion. We can advise a course of action plans that focuses on their values and goals – connecting them with the right people to help make that happen and ensuring their visions come to fruition.

    If becoming an influencer is their objective, we could offer our expertise on how to boost their image to become one in their lifestyle choice of focus. Whether it’s in fashion, art, music, or what you have you – we’ll guide them on ways to market their interests, attitudes, and personal style to contribute to their audience’s way of life. Specifically, we can develop and/or improve your narrative, brand, and identity on social media and the web.

    Services include:

  • Lifestyle consultation
  • Community support
  • Connectons to experts
  • Image consultation
  • Style and wardrobe development
  • Social media strategy
  • Web design & development
  • For general inquiries or to book a consultation, please email